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Oh London

overcast 22 °C

Oh London, what an extravagant mistress you are
Your flirtatious eyes hyptnotise us
We are captivated by your riches
You promise us so much
We wish upon your sparkling lights
And dream under your sky

Oh London but why are you so kind and cruel?
Your sparkling lights are blinding
You deliver but hard work and long nights
Your promises are empty and turn your back on us

Oh London how mysterious you are
To a tourist’s eye your beauty is in Westminster
Along the waters of the Thames to the tower
But your beauty lies beyond
Past her majesty’s palace and the metal eye
Past the bustling stations and big red buses

But to the north on the Heath of Hamstead
Where trees and flowers grow wild and free
Where ducks glide across your waters
Ripples glistening in your light
Women and men stroll hand in hand
Children and animals run wild across your grass plains

I consume your light
Your fresh air
It invigorates me with a sense of life I feared you had taken months ago
I carry it in my spirit as I venture back into your dark streets
I travel home on your viper, resisting its fatal poison
Still your beauty within me

As I pack my life into a bag
I take a piece of you
Not your cheap souvenirs
But a light within my soul and spirit
Your wisdom seeps through my flesh and into my veins

Oh London what an extravagant mistress you are
You may fool others but not I
I know your secret and you know mine
And I will carry you with me as a reminder of the beauty in all life
No matter how hard it may be to find.


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Double Rainbow

Changing of Seasons

semi-overcast 17 °C


A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever - John Keats...


Autumn is looked upon with uninspired eyes by the people of London. As the darkness of winter looms across the dreary sky, people cover up in their coats, a sea of blacks and greys swarm the tube.
Smiles and tans have faded from the brilliant summer abruptly stolen (probably by Australia), and people carry on with their lives, oblivious to the hidden beauty that dear Autumn brings to the city.

On an adventure I journeyed on with my dear friend, no plan in action, we experienced the true beauty of Autumn. There was constant threat of rain, but our optimist was matched with the rare appearance of sunshine and blue sky. We followed our own footsteps, no idea where we were heading but intrigued as to what this day would deliver. We strolled along the river, ate delicious desserts (3 to be precise), checked out a Ukranian festival, divulging out views and thoughts of life, walked, walked and walked some more, then checked out the Bloomsbury festival in a beautiful park, with the hypnotic aroma of thai, mexican and french food lingering through the air, when something incredible caught my eye and heart.

Golden leaves scatter the dewy grass, reminders of each little thought and dream I've had this year. I look at them lying comfortably on the ground, crisp and brown, full and ripe. Some leaves have been half eaten by bugs and insects, their scars prevalent, though some sparkle as the sunshine caresses the dew on its surface. I am so pleased with all the things I have achieved this year and all the chances I have taken, despite their success. The naked branches stand strong, though the end of one cycle has come, another will shortly arrive, giving me hope for the future. A blank canvas. Free to think and dream as big as I desire.

We continued our days expedition with the thoughts of John Keats running through my mind. He sees Autumn as a full, a rich season, all of the hard work of the year has been done, everything tastes sweet, things are winding down before a new adventure begins and now everything can be enjoyed before the cold Winter sweeps the land. And it is now that I feel I understand his words.
I have spent all year establishing a life here in London. Travelling, meeting friends, working, networking, growing and working hard to fulfil my dreams, and as my time here in London crawls to an end, I feel I can sit back and enjoy this life I've built for myself before I start my new adventure at university, and who knows where that will take me.

Who knew that some fallen leaves could hit me with so much inspiration?


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The Beginning

sunny 19 °C


I am a young girl who has more thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings than there are golden specks of sand on the shores of the world.
I am fascinated by life and all of its hidden treasures.
I want so much out of life that I don't know if its possible to fit it into one lifetime.
To learn a language, live abroad, travel every continent, go skydiving, be a published writer, fall in love, do a triathalon... The list and this life continues like the crashing of waves, it never stops. Each one is different. You rise and fall, sometimes get completely smashed. But at the end of the day, you can watch the sun set over the horizon as its golden rays assure you that everything will be ok.
Every path leads you somewhere. Every cloud has a silver lining. And every person has their story to tell.
And this is mine as my wave unfolds, for now, just an idea in the brilliant mind of the ocean.


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