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I Know You Care

rain 23 °C

I know you care
I feel it all around me
When I am near or far
It extends any distance
Winding its way across oceans
Through narrow dimly lit roads
Through the cracks in the pavement
Through the cracks in those cracks

Slipping under my door
Your warmth lights my world
I close the door sometimes, not to keep others out
But to reinforce a state of security I am lacking within myself
I cover up the cracks in my brick walls with brightly coloured pictures
Not just for the mental escape they offer me
But to disguise the fact that I am living within the confines of these walls
Too scared?
Too worried?
Not afraid of who I am, but afraid of the person I have lost

I feel so free some days
Like I can do anything
Conquer every fear I’ve ever had
But my biggest fear is not heights, nor strangers, not even falling
But the fear of being forgotten
Of being left behind

Will you remember me after I tell you my name?
Will you remember my name after you forget my face?
Plunged into darkness
Sometimes I feel alone and scared
Sometimes I feel weak and inferior

But it is your light
Your warmth
Your love
That chases those shadows away
Once again I am free
Nothing can stop me

Without your light I do not know which abyss I could have disappeared into
Even when I was standing on the edge
Losing my balance
Your light guided me

Please know I care
There might be mountains and oceans between us
Or perhaps a gentle stream
You are the air beneath my wings
And with your light
I am free.

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The Devil's Mask

Trick or Treat?

overcast 10 °C

Colours, make-up, masks, capes, costumes, sugar and the cover of night.
Halloween, the Devils Day, is the one night a year a girl can dress like a total slut, and no one can say anything - haha ok not exactly thanks Mean Girls...
Halloween is the one night a year you cover yourself up, being someone/something else and acting as somebody else... the thing is, are you really acting, or just setting yourself free?

Do we wear the Devil's mask because we want a little more heat in our lives? A sexy vampire cloak because we want some invincibility? Or a naughty nurse because secretly we want to be saved? I do realise that people don't overthink this like I do, but surely, underneath the mask, the cape, the make-up, there's a small sense of freedom, creeping out from the shadows and dancing in the grimacing moonlight.

You can be anyone, anything, do and say what you want, regardless of how strange, wonderful or bizarre you may be, there's always someone weirder standing right next to you.
A night without judgement or fear of being judged.
A night without mistakes, just opportunity.
A night without getting lost, but instead, creating your own adventure as you go.

Even though this night has come and gone, I don't think the concepts behind it also have to disappear.
In fact, if more people embraced these, I think we'd all be a lot more happier.

Do what you want. Be who you want. Say what you mean. Take a chance. Get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself. Have big ideas... and you never know where you'll end up, but you'll be you. And you just might find yourself somewhere incredible.


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