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I See Stars

"Do we gaze at the stars because we are human? Or are we human, because we gaze at the stars?"

sunny 21 °C

I crept outside under the cover of darkness
My feet gently brushing the dewy grass
The moon dimly glowed low on the horizon
My eyes were still adjusting to the darkness
The whisper of the ocean caressed the sand and my ears
A salty sweet breeze glided through my hair as I made my way to the waters edge

I sat amongst the sand
A warmth still buried with them after the radiant sunshine had set
I brushed my hands through the infinite grains
Soft and sparkling in the moonlight
I gazed up towards the sky and my breath was whisked away in the breeze

I slowly layed down allowing my body to be consumed by the earth
Thousands of stars shone brightly like diamonds against a black sea
They twinkled so daintily across the Milky Way
They were telling me their stories as I gazed into the past
I listened intently, captivated by their adventures
Their were more voices appearing

My eyes adjusted to the dark and could see nothing but their magnificent glow
I tried to look beyond them, into the blackness
I kept looking and looking and it just kept going and going
I can't even comprehend the vastness of eternity
How many millions of years they've lived
How many people they've looked down at, looking up at them?
For answers, love, life, support and freedom
How many of those wishes have they granted?

My whole body relaxed into the warm embrace of the exquisite Mother
I could see her shimmering eyes looking into mine
Hear her wisdom
Feel her warmth
And I know she'll always be with me

As I write the next chapter of my life
Filled with adventure, anxiety, stress, excitement and the unknown,
It gives me strength knowing that there will always be one stable element in my life
And that is the unconditional love from my family and the sublime nature surrounding me.


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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


overcast 7 °C

==There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is. - Einstein==

Sometimes it's the smallest ideas, the tiniest gesture, the simplest thought, that charges forward with strength, beauty and power to become one of the biggest dreams.

I absolutely love everything about fireworks.
The colour, lights and sound, the whole atmosphere they create and the thoughts they provoke, everything about them truly are magical.
Usually I only encounter them on New Years Eve or Australia Day, but whilst in London, I was fortunate enough to experience the thrill of Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night, which came at a time I much needed a little more hope.

Everything is silent and black, a quiet buzz of anticipation sweeps the excited faces.
A faded tiny light reaches up into the night sky.
Eyes open wider.
Higher and higher until... BANG!
A thousand golden sparks erupt in the sky as jaws drop and hearts open.

For a few short minutes, all is forgotten, as we are mesmerised by the dazzling lights.
All the stress, anxiety, fear and worry from your past vanishes with each explosion, and are replaced by all the beautiful moments you've had and have yet to have.

In this moment, you truly are invincible.
You think about what's important, what you need, what you want to achieve, what you value, what your dreams are, who you are and who you want to be.
There's not many moments in life where we take the time to do this, and the fact that we all involuntarily do it whilst gazing up at the beautiful lights and colours, but the fact that we all do it, proves that we are all more alike that we think.
We all have dreams, regardless of how little or big they are, we all want things in life and for a few minutes we can think about how we can achieve it and how thankful we are to have made it this far.

These little miracles exploding in the night sky offer us more than a few minutes of entertainment, but a mental cleanse and boost.
After these precious moments are over and we all flood towards the gates, a smile is still imprinted on my lips and a sparkle in my eye. I feel rejuvenated with hope, purpose and happiness.

Witnessing the tiniest spark explode into the biggest and most incredible beacon, I know I can make it.
I may not be the biggest or brightest, but as long as I can leave people with a smile on their face and warmth in their heart then I feel I have meaning in life, I have a light, and it will never burn out.

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Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind, and therefore winged Cupid is painted blind...

storm 13 °C

Passion is such a deep emotion, that when you experience it's overwhelming power, you are clear, free and know exactly what your heart desires.
There are many things in life that I love, but few special things that I love with a deep passion, truly drive me, motivate me and make me understand myself, my goals, my dreams and the world around me.
I feel this with music, travel and in particular, literature.

After recently watching The Dead Poets Society for the hundredth time, I was once again taken, the beauty of the film captivating my heart and soul.

Carpe Diem - seize the day, simply scribed under my breast, the very words I live by. Embrace and live in each moment, for each is a gift bestowed upon us by the universe.

Ideas and words can change the world - that each idea is precious and valuable, never doubt what you believe in, and if you live and breathe your beliefs, you have a unique power to change your life or someone else's world.

Make your life extraordinary - this life is yours. It is in your hands and it is up to you to make the most of it. I want a great life and I'm prepared
To do anything to make it extraordinary.

After spending the week flooding my thoughts with Keats and Shakespeare... I am constantly reminded of my dreams. When I'm in my element, with a book by my side, words in my head and pen in my hand... My world is clear. And there is no greater feeling than understanding yourself and feeling truly at peace within a single moment. And within this moment, you are invincible, untouchable, unstoppable and most importantly... Free.

And I embrace these precious moments when they occur, just every now and then... And the stars shine a little bit brighter, words taste a little bit sweeter and life is just that little bit more extraordinary.


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Double Rainbow

Changing of Seasons

semi-overcast 17 °C


A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever - John Keats...


Autumn is looked upon with uninspired eyes by the people of London. As the darkness of winter looms across the dreary sky, people cover up in their coats, a sea of blacks and greys swarm the tube.
Smiles and tans have faded from the brilliant summer abruptly stolen (probably by Australia), and people carry on with their lives, oblivious to the hidden beauty that dear Autumn brings to the city.

On an adventure I journeyed on with my dear friend, no plan in action, we experienced the true beauty of Autumn. There was constant threat of rain, but our optimist was matched with the rare appearance of sunshine and blue sky. We followed our own footsteps, no idea where we were heading but intrigued as to what this day would deliver. We strolled along the river, ate delicious desserts (3 to be precise), checked out a Ukranian festival, divulging out views and thoughts of life, walked, walked and walked some more, then checked out the Bloomsbury festival in a beautiful park, with the hypnotic aroma of thai, mexican and french food lingering through the air, when something incredible caught my eye and heart.

Golden leaves scatter the dewy grass, reminders of each little thought and dream I've had this year. I look at them lying comfortably on the ground, crisp and brown, full and ripe. Some leaves have been half eaten by bugs and insects, their scars prevalent, though some sparkle as the sunshine caresses the dew on its surface. I am so pleased with all the things I have achieved this year and all the chances I have taken, despite their success. The naked branches stand strong, though the end of one cycle has come, another will shortly arrive, giving me hope for the future. A blank canvas. Free to think and dream as big as I desire.

We continued our days expedition with the thoughts of John Keats running through my mind. He sees Autumn as a full, a rich season, all of the hard work of the year has been done, everything tastes sweet, things are winding down before a new adventure begins and now everything can be enjoyed before the cold Winter sweeps the land. And it is now that I feel I understand his words.
I have spent all year establishing a life here in London. Travelling, meeting friends, working, networking, growing and working hard to fulfil my dreams, and as my time here in London crawls to an end, I feel I can sit back and enjoy this life I've built for myself before I start my new adventure at university, and who knows where that will take me.

Who knew that some fallen leaves could hit me with so much inspiration?


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The Beginning

sunny 19 °C


I am a young girl who has more thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings than there are golden specks of sand on the shores of the world.
I am fascinated by life and all of its hidden treasures.
I want so much out of life that I don't know if its possible to fit it into one lifetime.
To learn a language, live abroad, travel every continent, go skydiving, be a published writer, fall in love, do a triathalon... The list and this life continues like the crashing of waves, it never stops. Each one is different. You rise and fall, sometimes get completely smashed. But at the end of the day, you can watch the sun set over the horizon as its golden rays assure you that everything will be ok.
Every path leads you somewhere. Every cloud has a silver lining. And every person has their story to tell.
And this is mine as my wave unfolds, for now, just an idea in the brilliant mind of the ocean.


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